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tonight on "worldfocus" -- >> as he wraps up his visit to asia, president obama talks tough about north korea's nuclear program and issues a new warning to iran. in afghanistan, president karzai is inaugurated for a second term. will he make good on his promise to root out rampant corruption? in our signature story, we take you to a divided town on the west bank where american settlers say they feel under attack. the palestinians say they are forced to do without. and throughout europe today, the talk is all about the world cup and a missed call that has france celebrating and ireland outraged. >> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world.
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this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal in new yk. president obama had a tough new message today for both north korea and iran, telling them to scale back their nuclear programs or face the consequences. the president made his remarks in south korea, the last stop on his week-long trip to asia. once again, he said things could

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